If you’re a business owner, you might be well aware of the increasing number of cyber threats. Cybercriminals are lurking around every digital corner. Plus, with remote work becoming the new normal, the huge challenge is to ensure secure access to the company’s resources for those employees who work from home. Traditional security models and WAN architectures are struggling to keep up with the demands of modern business environments. Innovative solutions are in higher demand than ever before. This is where Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) comes into play, making your competition against cybercriminals a one-horse race!

Keep reading to learn what SASE is and why it’s a game-changer in modern networking and security. From its inception to its implementation, we’ll provide you with valuable insights on how SASE can revolutionize your network infrastructure and safeguard your business.

What Is SD-WAN?

Since SD-WAN and SASE are inseparable from each other, let’s first cover the basics of SD-WAN. 

If you had a traditional WAN before, you know the headache of needing to manually configure and manage routers at each site. Challenges in scalability and maintenance were probably just the tip of the iceberg for you. 

SD-WAN addresses these issues by using software to centrally manage and automate connectivity, configurations, and policies across all locations. It optimizes network traffic by dynamically selecting the best route, ensuring efficient use of available bandwidth and an improved user experience.

SD-WAN also offers advanced routing capabilities, prioritizes certain application traffic, and allows quick adaptation to changing business needs. By combining MPLS and broadband Internet connections, SD-WAN provides a flexible and efficient solution for managing network traffic across multiple branch locations.

What Is SASE?

SASE stands for “Secure Access Service Edge,” a concept first introduced by Gartner. It is a modern networking and security framework that brings together Wide Area Networking (WAN) and Network Security functions into a unified cloud-based architecture.

SASE combines Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) capabilities with security features such as Secure Web Gateways (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these components:

  • Secure Web Gateways (SWG) detect malware and filter content
  • Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) control and secure cloud applications
  • Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) protects non-web traffic
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) verifies user identities
  • Domain Name System (DNS) layer security stops attacks before they even reach your device.

All of these components work together to keep your online experience safe and secure.

The goal of SASE is to provide a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable solution that ensures secure and optimized access to network resources, applications, and data for users regardless of their location or the devices they use.

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Why Do You Need SASE?

Traditional security models that rely on perimeter defenses are no longer enough to protect against sophisticated cyber threats. Also, with the rise of remote work and the increasing reliance on cloud-based applications and services, the traditional WAN architecture struggles to provide the necessary flexibility and performance to meet modern business needs.

This is where SASE comes in to save the day. Yet, with so many cybersecurity solutions out there, you may be at a loss as to which one to choose.

Why Choose Cisco’s SASE?

Cisco’s SASE offers a plethora of advantages that make it your top choice if you are looking to enhance your network security and optimize your connectivity. Let’s dive right into some of the compelling reasons why Cisco’s SASE stands out:

Comprehensive Security Suite

Discover a wide array of security features, including advanced threat protection, firewall-as-a-service, secure web gateways, cloud access security broker (CASB), and zero-trust network access (ZTNA). This comprehensive security suite ensures that your company’s data, applications, and users are bulletproof against a diverse range of cyber threats.

Trusted Vendor

Cisco is a well-established and trusted vendor in the networking and security industries. With decades of experience and a proven track record, you can rely on Cisco to deliver robust and reliable solutions.

Integration with Existing Cisco Infrastructure

Do you already use Cisco networking and security products? In that case, adopting Cisco’s SASE will be a breeze, as it offers seamless integration with the existing infrastructure.

Cloud-Native Architecture

Cisco’s SASE is designed as a cloud-native architecture, allowing you to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. It enables efficient and agile management of network resources, ensuring that you can quickly adapt to changing demands.

Simplified Network Management

Cisco’s SASE combines software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) capabilities with security functions, offering centralized management and automation of connectivity, configurations, and policies. This streamlines network management and reduces complexity. This translates into no more headaches for you!

Strong Analytics and Intelligence

Cisco’s SASE provides advanced intelligence and analytics, empowering your networking and security teams with valuable insights to identify and address issues before they impact the user experience. This proactive approach to security helps prevent potential threats.

Flexibility and Scalability

Cisco’s SASE is highly flexible and scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. It can easily adapt to the changing needs of your business, accommodating remote workers, branch offices, and evolving cloud environments.

Future-Proof Solution

As a leading innovator in the networking and security space, Cisco is continuously evolving its SASE offering to meet the challenges of tomorrow. By choosing Cisco’s SASE, you can rest assured that you’re opting for a future-proof solution.

SASE for Businesses

SASE is the next evolutionary step in networking and security, providing a holistic approach that caters to the needs of today’s distributed and cloud-centric business environment. If you want to ensure top-notch security, simplified network management, and an exceptional user experience, then SASE is the solution you need. Embrace SASE today and pave the way for a more secure and efficient network infrastructure.

RedEye Network Solutions LLC, we are ready to become your trusted partner on the journey to adopting cloud-based security solutions. We pride ourselves on providing extraordinary customer service, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition to the cloud. Reach out to us now!

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