Internet Edge Router Series

Product Data Sheet

Our new Internet Edge Router Series brings enterprise class edge and cloud routing to organizations at an affordable price point.

Router Operating System

VyOS (ships with latest recommended version)

Product Availability

This product is built from common and readily available components and can be delivered and implemented in under 30 days

VyOS Platform Features

More VyOS feature specifics available here:

 Model Specifications



100Gb/40Gb QSFP/QSFP28 Interfaces 25Gb/10Gb/1Gb SFP/SFP+/SFP28 Interfaces 100Mb/1Gb RJ-45 Interfaces Sustained Aggregate Throughput  




RedEye-Cloud-VM N/A N/A N/A 5gbps N/A N/A
RedEye-Edge-5G 0 2 2 5gbps 16GB 256GB
RedEye-Edge-10G 0 4 2 10gbps 32GB 256GB
RedEye-Edge-25G 0 4 2 25gbps 32GB 256GB
RedEye-Edge-40G 2 0 2 40gbps 64GB 512GB
RedEye-Edge-100G 4 0 2 100gbps 64GB 512GB


Purchasing Models

These devices are available via two different purchasing channels to help with budget allocations.

CapEx Model

In this model, the product purchase order includes the hardware asset(s), desired support and product maintenance agreement(s), and implementation services.

OpEx Model (Router as a Service)

In the Router as a Service model, RedEye provides the hardware, support, and product maintenance wrapped into a simple monthly fee agreement.   There is an initial implementation/installation fee for this service.

Included in the Router as a Service purchase model are the following basic services:

  • Ongoing defective product replacement
  • Product Monitoring
  • Product Software and Firmware Updates
  • At product cycle end of life, product will be replaced with the then current model – of same or better capacity.
  • Configuration Updates (as needed to support customer network changes)

Optional Additional Premium Services Available

  • Cold Sparing
  • Same Day Product Replacement
  • Aggressive Lifecycle Replacement (new hardware every 37 months)

Standard Warranty

Standard Warranty includes defective hardware replacement and software support for 90 days from date of purchase.

Please reach out to learn more about this exciting new offering from RedEye Network Solutions:

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