Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Companies that value and want security leadership are finding it more difficult to find or afford talent. RedEye wants to help you make a difference in your security program. With RedEye’s virtual Chief Information Security Officer or vCISO services, you get access to customized CISO-level leadership and expertise to help you build the right security strategy, identify gaps in your pro-gram, and provide guidance on team development, tools and processes.

Key Benefits

  • Cybersecurity leadership available on a part-time or interim basis.
  • Avoid the challenge of finding talent that fits your budget for full-time CISO or supplement your current CISO’s workload.
  • Drive action on what matters based on risk-informed findings and real-world observations.
  • Strengthen your security posture by developing a strategy that aligns with your business model and objectives.
  • Get a fresh perspective on your team and security program.

How RedEye Can Help

RedEye can provide vCISO services on an interim or part-time basis for your customized vCISO services. Below are a few areas we can help you:

  • Security Strategy & Roadmap
  • Security Policies & Procedures
  • Control Readiness Assessments
  • Risk Management
  • Remediation Guidance
  • Security Governance
  • Compliance Preparation & Management
  • Security Incident Response Planning
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

Let RedEye help your organization manage your risk and ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information. Contact your RedEye representative or email for a conversation about your vCISO needs.