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Know What the Hackers Know!

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Are you concerned about keeping up with the effectiveness of your cyber defenses?

Are you overloaded with vulnerabilities to patch in your organization and need to prioritize remediation?

Are you concerned that your annual penetration test is not enough?

RedEye Network Solutions offers an automated approach challenging the entire IT attack surface to uncover real exposures in your environment. Our solution doesn’t stop with identifying a vulnerability that can be exploited but uses safe testing methods to pivot from one asset to another to prove the seriousness of a weakness.

Ever wonder what attackers can see and do when they find an entry point to your network? Ask us about doing a PoV for your internal IT assets.


  • Prioritize the right vulnerabilities for remediation to avoid overloading IT staff during patching cycles.
  • Provide focus for your security teams to address control gaps in the organization on a continuous basis.
  • Minimize cost and reliance with third-party manual pen testers by using an independent, on-demand or scheduled, fixed cost solution.
  • Validate the capabilities of your cyber defense tools to ensure you can detect an attack.
  • Get remediation guidance to close the gaps in your environment and stop the attackers.

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INTERNAL PENETRATION TESTING includes testing approaches such as black box, gray box, targeted, Active Directory password strength, unauthenticated web application, and vulnerability assessments emulating attackers inside your network.

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EXTERNAL PENETRATION TESTING performs enumeration of your external-facing assets assigning an attractive prioritization of assets while performing safe exploitation of assets to uncover attack vectors.

RANSOMWARE READY VALIDATION provides insight into an organization’s cyber-attack defenses against the most damaging ransomware attacks today.

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CREDENTIAL EXPOSURE VALIDATION provides peace of mind continuously evaluating an organization’s user accounts against leaked or stolen credentials on the web.

RedEye Network Solutions wants our customers to feel more confident about the IT controls they have in place. Our goal is to provide a solution that works for your team and budget so that you can get that confidence. We can offer licenses or managed services fit your needs.

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