We Are A Different Kind Of Company

We started out in 2015 with one simple mission: “To make I.T. not suck.”

You know what happens. You buy that new thing. Could be a firewall, new core switch, a cloud virtual machine, or M365 licenses. You get it working, but you know it can do so much more.

That’s where RedEye comes in. We work with you to learn what is important to you and your business. We work with you to make it all work. We aren’t happy until you are happy.

In short, “We make I.T. not suck.” This lets you and your team focus on the strategic needs of the business, while we sweat the details. Think of RedEye as a deep bench of talent you can draw upon when you need to. We work with you to empower you and your team.

We’ve helped many other companies across a wide variety of industries. We are confident we can help you and your company. We’d love to put our expertise to work for you too.

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